Sephora`s Boo Boo Blings!

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I was in Sephora the other day, waiting in line when I saw these little Boo Boo Bling things. I started looking at the package and it said that they were used for decorating your bandages when you get a cut or a scratch or something like that. I was so suprised that someone would actually come up with this so I brought it up to the front cashier to see if these were real or if they were just some kind of werid joke. They were real. First off: I want to know why someone would ever waste 8.00 on a few gem stickers to put on their bandage that stays on for no longer than one or two days? Second off: I want to know why you need to bedazzle your bandages? Why? I seriously don`t understand the concept of "bedazzling an injury". I`m sorry I just don`t. Then when I was standing in line about to pay for my items. My phone rang. The cashier kept scanning my items and I answered the call. Then as I was about to put my phone away I realized that these Boo Boo Bling things don`t have to just be used for bandages. They can be used to bedazzle your phone. So I bought them and now I have a very stylish, bedazzled phone. So I guess the bottom line here is that you shouldn`t judge these Boo Boo Bling things because if you are thinking they are stupid, like I was, you just need to use your imagination. I hope this helped everyone to understand those Boo Boo Bling things at Sephora because, for the longest time I kept seeing them when I was about to buy my things at Sephora and I just had to ask.

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