Sephora vs. Ulta - Who are you with?!

I stumbled up on an article/blog on when I was googling "Ulta versus Sephora" to see which one people preferred. For the most part, they carry the exact same things at the exact same prices but Ulta carries an extra selection of drugstore cosmetics and they also have a little salon in the back.

I shop at both places, probably like most of y`all, but I always find myself leaning towards Sephora more. Even though I receive those nifty coupons from Ulta all the time for great deals, I just like Sephora`s atmosphere and customer service more. In my experience at several Sephoras and Ultas, I`ve found that Sephora has great service and a very friendly and informed staff, which is not always true at Ulta.

So, which one do you guys prefer to go to more? Or is it just whichever is more convenient? Let me know what y`all think!

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