Sephora V.I.B 20% off sale haul

4 years ago

I know that a lot of people know that the past weekend was the sephora V.I.B sale that happens only once a year. Most people take complete advantage of this sale and so did I but i kept in mind that i wanted to go all out for Boxing day sales so i restricted myself. I honestly was going to get only the sugar lip treatments but the set of six for $58, but the impulse and hoarder inside of me just keep walking around in the store and kept picking up things I didn`t need but only want just to secure my next year 20% off V.I.B status. I believe that all V.I.B that went in that weekend to buy anything would receive their reusable Sephora bag. I read only that a lot of people were dissapointed since last year they got umbrellas. I`m not going to complain because this is the first time I got to be a V.I.B so whatever :), still got a cool bag. Ughh i still droll over this set but I knew I couldn`t even finish using one of these in a month! Look at all those pretty colors! I know that when summer hits, I`m going to get that coral shade (maybe if i ever finish my Korres lip butter in Mango).

I thought that the set of six was the only value set so I was quite pleased there was a smaller trio set. So i just picked this one up just to be more sensible and the fact that i didn`t want to spend almost $60 for lip balms LOL. I can get frugal sometimes I know. This set comes with the colors berry, Honey and passion. I`m most excited to use the Honey color since it looks like a really nice nude browny color, my favorite! I haven`t tried the other two but I think it would be somewhat the same thing as Rose which I got for free from Sephora`s free birthday present. Got this set for $25.60 after discount.

I finally picked up the beauty blender! I know I know, this has been out for decades and I never really got into the whole WHOO EGG SHAPED BLENDER! I was a little bit hesitant on getting this since it is $26 for a little sponge but I decided why not since I do have 20% off :D. I used it the other day and I have to say I really love it! I couldn`t believe my eyes but this little egg thing actually makes my skin look flawless! I`m no longer scared of using foundations since foundations usually make me look dry but not anymore! I also picked up the solid soap for this for $8 (original price $10) which smells really herbally and clean, Works quite well but I will also have to try cleaning the egg with regular soap too.

Isn`t this boring? Got a duo eyelash glue which I would NEVER use all of. I had to throw the tube away from about three years ago that which I never even made a dent in the tube. One thing I really don`t like is the smell! It smells like stinky plastic :/. I thought it was just my old tube but the new tube smells the same too. Yuck! Doesn`t really matter since I don`t use false lashes that much but this is nice to have :).

The sephora girl gave me a small sample size of the NARS eye make up remover which was really sweet of her :D. I didn`t even notice that she gave me a sample since it was hiding under the bag. I noticed two days later when I went back into my bag to take these pictures. I`m happy since I can leave this in my purse, I always needed some make up remover on the go anyways!

I think I did okay for an impulse and hoarder that i am. I spent $75 after tax so I think I did okay. I was walking around the store and picked up the Cinderella mirror that i liked for $26, another Korres lip butter in guava, sephora deluxe face sample for $57, benefit porefessional for $18? and the little benefit sampler for $47. Yea needless to say, i got myself under control in girl paradise.

What did you guys buy in the sale? Did other people get their 15% off yet or is that later on?

*All pictures are mind*

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