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4 years ago

Hellooooo everyone :) So yesterday, I posted up a haul post (check it out: and today, I`m back to review one of the quads that I purchased!

So I purchased <strong><em>Sephora Silk Shadow Quad in Last Dance</em></strong>. It was originally $30 CDN ($25 USD) but this quad and the other variations were on sale for $9 CDN (I think its like $7 CDN). If you look on the Sephora website, you`ll notice that there are two other different variations on the quads, one`s called Ballroom Romance (which is basically a nude palette) and Brazilian Sea (which is 3 browns and an aqua color).

So on Sephora, here is what they have to say about these quads...
"<em>Transform your eyelids into pure silk with these creamy, lightweight shadows. Micronized pigments deliver rich color and unprecedented blendability to ensure comfort and a flawless, luminous finish. The brilliant shade combinations were inspired by Sephora + Pantones color trend forecasting, creating a coordinated collection of the seasons top shades in easy-to-wear variations and finishes. Shadows range from creamy matte to sleek brilliance and promise to provide bold color throughout your day. </em>"

On the Sephora website, these quads have gotten a pretty bad rep I believe, just looking through some of the reviews. Many people complained about them being really un-pigmented, so I was a bit worried after purchasing it because what if I just spent $9 CDN on absolutely no pigmentation? This is why I rushed a review for you guys so you guys can be the judge of whether you think the quad is worth it and whether or not you wanna purchase it! So onto the review...

This is a quad (obviously...duh). This quad is more appropriate for really subtle smokey eyes, so if you looking for the perfect smokey eye quad, this wouldn`t be it because it doesn`t contain a matte black! The colors in the quad are super pretty in my opinion, but when I swatched them on my arm, they just kinda seem like the colors were dupes for each other, the only difference was that one set was more shimmery and the other was more matte, you`ll see what I mean when I describe the colors or when you see the swatches in the pictures!

So here are the descriptions of the colors in the quad as they follow in numbering:
<ol> <li>An off white shimmer shade, has a slight pink sheen to it - I really love this color, its like my obsession because it works as a lid color, highlight color or even an inner corner color as well!</li> <li>A silver-gray shimmer shade - this is a great color for the lower lashline if you`re using it to set an eye pencil, its not harsh like a black but at the same time, you could use it to create a sultry look as well!</li> <li>A blue-grey shade, not as shimmery as the first two colors - in the pictures, the shade looks really pretty, but when swatched, I was kind of disappointed because you can`t see the pretty blue-grey shade that you see in the quad, instead you see a color that is extremely similar to the second color, except that its more matte.</li> <li>A light pink shade, again not as shimmery as the first two colors - this is a nice shade, but I feel like it wouldn`t show up on my skin because my skin is too close to this color when I swatched it</li> </ol>

After describing the colors, I wanna talk about the quality of the shadows. So the quad is absolutely literally, it`s as big as my Samsung Galaxy S, but if you have an iPhone, its practically like that big as well. It comes with a huge mirror as well so its great to throw in your purse when you are travelling! The quality of the shadows are pretty good, now I say pretty good rather than excellent because the third shade (the blue-grey shade) was a bit chalky, and it took a couple of swipes to really get the swatch that I have on my arm. Other than that, all the other colors were smooth and applied like a dream. All the swatches above are down without any primer like always so that you guys can see their true pigmentation.

So this is my take on the <strong><em>Sephora Silk Shadow Quad in Last Dance</em></strong>, if you are interested in it, they are on sale now at Sephora! I haven`t tried the other variations out, but they haven`t had really good reviews so be fore warned!

What do you think? Would you purchase it? Do you think it`s worth it?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)
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