Sephora + Pantone Universe color of the year lip gloss set

5 years ago

<strong>Sephora`s product description</strong>:
"Get a new dimension of gloss with this lacquered lip color that promises infinite depths of crystal reflections. The moisturizing formula will leave lips looking and feeling perfect, while the hypnotic shine creates a constant play on light. The set includes four spirited hues inspired by the Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, in four must-have finishes. Hydrating and long-wearing, these energized glosses sculpt the lips so they appear perfectly shaped, plumped, and pretty."

The box that this lip gloss comes in is so luxurious and doesn`t look like its only $24 CAD. It looks like something thats $50 or more but I love how sleek the box is and that this set comes with four lip glosses! The lip glosses are showcased in a white elegant box that has a slide lid.

The individual lipglosses come with a sleek plastic tube with white accent lids. On each side of the tube scraper thingy is imprinted letters of sephora, + and pantone universe in sliver lettering.

This lig gloss doesn`t come with a traditional doe-foot but instead comes with a very unique long paddle looking thing. The foot is flexible but its really skinny too so you can use the tip to line your lips and get an accurate application.

<strong>Color pigmentation/ pay off</strong>:
All four of these lip glosses look really similar, espically when i was just looking at them in the store but when i swatched them, each one had their own individual differences which drove me to buy them in the end. I can see any type of skintone to be rocking these shades and there is definitely something for anyone! Too bad they don`t sell them individually but the price for all four, you just can`t beat it.

<strong>Tangerine Tango Luminous </strong>:
-somewhat opaque gloss with lots of golden shimmers
-warm tone tangerine orange color
-gives a little more then a tint on the lips
-stains the skina little bit so be careful when applying!

<strong>Tangerine Tango Vivide </strong>
-crazy pigmented! These are just like the OCC lip tars everyone lips and a little bit does go a very long way
-cream finish
-warm tone bright tangerine orange color; almost looks dark orangey red from far away
-stains the lips a little bit but nothing really to worry about
<strong>Tangerine tango glaze</strong>:
-just like the name, gives the lip a glaze with a hint of orange
-more for those that are shy with color; almost no color for me on my very pigmented lips
-has golden shimmers
-cool tone manderine orange

<strong>Tangerine Tango Opal </strong>:
-almost like Tangerine tango Luminious but is more of a cool tone orange
-gives the lips that hint of orange
-golden shimmers

<strong>Texture </strong>:
Each of these lip glosses has their own texture. Its kind of funny but yea LOL.

-Tangerine Tango Luminous: Regular non sticky lip gloss texture
-Tangerine Tango Vivid: Thicker then a lip gloss; just like a occ lip tar but easier to blend on the lips
-Tangerine Tango: Thinner then what i`m used too; feels somewhat slick on the lips but not like oil.
-Tangerine Tango Opal: Just like Tangerine Tango luminous.

<strong>Smell </strong>:
As for the smell, these smell really good. Tangerine Tango Luminous, glaze and opal smells like orange gummy bears and I can`t really resist on eating it! While all the others smell like yummy goodness, Tangerine Tango Vivid has more of a subtle manderine orange smell which is really nice too :). Both smells I really love but its not too over powering where I`d wanna puke.

<strong> Lasting power </strong>:
Thsese have the average lip gloss lasting power. If you were just wearing it and not doing anything like eating or licking your lips, i`d say about one to two hours until you have to reapply.

For those that live in United states, these are only $20 for you guys but they obviously have to rise the price for use Canadians >_<. The lip gloss set here is <strong>$24</strong> which isn`t too bad but the lip stick is the same price so i stuck with this set instead.

<strong>Overall </strong>:
Overall I really love this gloss set and will be rocking it this coming summer! Theres something for everyone in this set whether your that make up fashionista or a plain jane! For the price, you really can`t beat it. I really hope sephora keeps this as a tradition for the store because I would love it! I love that they collaborated with Pantone which is basically the fashion color engine for all runway shows. Please Please Please sephora, keep it up!

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