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4 years ago

It`s been too long since I`ve been on Luuux! With my new job for the summer, I have not had time to myself or Luuux...but I`m BACK!
So today, I did a little shopping at Sephora...<strong>can you believe I haven`t gone shopping for like 3 weeks, I haven`t bought anything, seriously!</strong> I was originally headed to Sephora to pick up Bare Escentual`s Mineral Veil, but then got absolutely sidetracked by sale items and thus ended up getting my Mineral Veil at Shoppers Drug Mart instead using Optimum Points.

So what did I purchase:
<ol> <li>Tokidoki Arte Palette in <strong><em>SANDy in the City</em></strong></li> <li>Toki Art Palette in <strong><em>Vegas</em></strong></li> <li>Sephora Silk Shadow Quad in <strong><em>Last Dance</em></strong></li></ol>

Description of Items:

Tokidoki Arte Palette in <strong><em>SANDy in the City</em></strong> [the yellow packaging] - <strong>Originally $10 CDN, but is now on sale for $6 CDN.</strong> So if some of you didn`t know, Tokidoki will no longer be sold at Sephora thus they are having a huge clearout sale for their leftover Tokidoki stock! I took this opportunity to pick up some of their Arte Palettes because I was interested in some of their other colors. I actually have a palette from Tokidoki, and my first experience with them I have to say is a little disappointing, but I thought, for $6 CDN, I couldn`t go wrong. So the packaging seems to be sturdy even though it`s made of cardboard, it seems like it could be something I could throw into my purse and not have too much of a worry about it opening up. It comes equipped with 4 shadows and a blush. There is a taupe shadow, a cream white shade, army green shade and a purple brown shade. For the blush, its like a golden rose color, its actually very pretty! This seems to be like a `nude` palette of the bunch, and if its nudes...I`m definitely in!

Tokidoki Arte Palette in <strong><em>Vegas</em></strong> [the purple packaging] - <strong>Originally $10 CDN, but is now on sale for $6 CDN.</strong> There were a couple of different Arte palettes, but only this one and SANDy in the City appealed to me. So this seems to be a more fun palette as opposed to SANDy in the City with all the purples and gray! So again, this has 4 eyeshadows and a blush. There is a frosty white shade, a silver-grey shade, an iridescent purple shade and lastly a plum purple with a hint of blue almost. The blush is a pale golden pink. I`m super excited for the iridescent purple shade because it definitely reminds me of Urban Decay`s Grifter, but without all the glitter!

Sephora Silk Shadow Quad in <strong><em>Last Dance</em></strong> [the black packaging] - <strong>Originally $30 CDN, but is now on sale for $9 CDN.</strong> I saw this in the sale section at Sephora and at first, I didn`t know what it was. I thought it was like a giant mirror or like a bronzer or something, but then I took a look at the back and it said quad and I instantly was interested ahah! Let me start off by saying that some of the reviews on these quads are a little negative unfortunately and I`m hoping that my experience with them will be a bit better! They do come in other variations, but I`m not sure if those color combos are on sale, but Last Dance is definitely! This quad is me, its like as big as my Samsung Galaxy S, which also means the mirror that comes with it is also giant, so its definitely something good to carry around in the purse because it definitely won`t pop open when you`re moving around! The colors that come with this quad are definitely appropriate a subtle smokey eye, with no harsh blacks! It comes with a pale pink shimmer, a light grey shimmer, a blue grey shimmer and a pale rose pink shimmer. All the colors in this quad are shimmers, which I`m not complaining about, but it would have been nice to get a matte shade as well! I`m excited about this quad because I`m slowly perfecting my smokey eye look and sometimes I want to opt for grey instead of black in my outer corner if I`m doing a natural/daytime smokey eye look!

<strong>Reviews for the Arte Palettes and the Sephora Eyeshadow Quad will be coming soon....</strong>

I`m excited about my items, and a plus was that they were on sale!

What do you think? Do you like the items? Have you tried any of these before?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)
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