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photos are mine, please do not take.

So my friend came visited me the other weekend, but sadly i totally forgot to take photos and post them up on Luuux, so this is a late haul, but hopefully you guys dont mind!

Anyway, so this is a gift haul! and all of the things she has got me from Sephora! She even boxed it into this lovely black and white Sephora box with a red bow, super cute!

Anyway, so first off i wanted to show you guys is the LIPS! All of the lip products from the Sephora brand. So i actually got a lip stick and 3 lip glosses. It is actually so pretty, but the gloss is quite sheer, but thats okay! I actually like the glittery of it, so pretty! I didnt open the lipstick yet, but hopefully it is pretty! This is my first lipstick from Sephora, so hopefully it doesnt disappoint!

Another lip product i got was actually wasnt from the Sephora brand and it was from Korres. Which i heard of but i havent got anything from that brand. This is a shea-butter lip balm and it looks actually really good and moisturizing. First Korres product that i have, so hopefully it is good!

The next product i got was a Sephora Body Butter. I actually never saw this before, but this is awesome. I love body butters because they make my skin super smooth and smelling amazing. It looks quite creamy though, but smells so amazing. it is actually vanilla cupcake, mmmm!

The next products i got was 2 Sephora by OPI nail polishes. I actually DONT have Sephora by OPI nail polishes because i found them way too overpriced, so i am happy that i got these and i cannot wait to try them out. These two colours are actually from the Glee collection, and it is super glitter and so pretty. The brush seems quite small but hopefully it is good! The green one is called "Gleek Out" and the other slivery one is called "Mash-Up".

And the final thing in this haul is a white eyeshadow. I actually do have a white eyeshadow but i found that one wayy too sheer, so i am happy to get a new one. Again from the brand Sephora, and also it seems very pigmented! Very shimmery and shiny, but hopefully it will look good against my eyes!

Anyway, thanks for reading this haul! And hopefully you all enjoyed it, and i love everything i got, yay!

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photos are mine

If you want to know the prices of these things, just go to their website at, and even check out their other products :)

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