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I was on looking at their lip glosses when I found this one. It was only ten dollars so I decided to give it a try. Without looking at the reviews on Sephora`s website I rushed down to Sephora to go buy it. Big mistake! Always read the reviews first!
One really big thing that I don`t like about some lip glosses is that they are flavored. I don`t like flavored lip glosses because I am constantly wondering how they get the flavor of stawberries or a pina-colada in the form of a lip gloss. I don`t even want to thing about where that flavoring comes from. Another reason I don`t like flavored lip glosses is because, you are always so tempted to lick it and when you do it tastes so good but then I start thinking "ew. you just pretty much ate lip gloss. that`s disgusting." I think eating lip gloss is just gross.

Aside from how I hate the flavoring in it this lip gloss claims to give incredible moistization. I would most certainly not call it "incredible". I would call it, "It moistrizes by the smallest amount." My lips felt the slightest bit more moistrized after using this, so I wouldn`t excally call it incredable moistriztion.

Another thing about this lip gloss is that it is kind or gluey. If decide to stop talking for a minute or so, when I open my mouth again, it feels like both my lips are kind of stuck together. Can`t say I really like that feeling.

Overall, I wish I would have had this review before quickly jumping on a ten dollar lip gloss.

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