Sephora Chocolate Espresso Shower Gel!

4 years ago

I`ve really begun focusing on using up a lot of the shower and body products that I have so this meant going through my seemingly endless collection and pulling out a shower gel to use up next. I decided to use Sephora`s chocolate espresso shower gel that I`ve actually had lying around for quite awhile. I don`t even think they make or sell it anymore, lol! But I`m very glad I decided to use it :)

I remember when I bought this, I was obsessed with the smell. It`s amazing! It smells exactly like chocolate espresso. So yummy! In the shower it smells so good :) And what`s really great is that the scent actually hangs around even after you get out of the shower. I get whiffs of it for a couple more hours which is really nice. I love shower gels that do that! It lathers up really nicely and gives a nice, clean feeling. Honestly, I was surprised that a Sephora brand shower gel would be so good, but then again, I`ve never been disappointed by any of their products.

The only complaint I have is the fact that it`s very hard to open. The snap lid never wants to open, so I don`t bother closing it anymore, lol. I always feel like I`m going to break a nail and I`m not willing to risk that :P So the bottle just stays open in my shower now. It actually makes my bathroom smell good!

I`m very happy I purchased this shower gel when Sephora had it :) My only wish now is that they still had it in stock! Luckily, I also bought the scrub version, so I have that to look forward to using, too!

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