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3 years ago

Hey everyone! I just want to show you guys some more makeup brushes that I recently bought from Sephora. If you have seen my makeup brush collection, then you would know that I don`t own any high-end makeup brushes unless you got the free mini brushes that you get for free with purchase but I don`t since those brushes tend to suck and are very scratchy on the face. I only have one or two other Sephora brushes in my collection and as much as I wish I could get some Sigma brushes in my collection, I know that is not going happen in a long time since I don`t like to spend to much on makeup brushes. Since these brushes were on sale, I thought why not try some high-end eye makeup brushes as well.
Sephora I.T Blending Brush This is actually my second purchase of Sephora brushes. They are on sale right now and I couldn`t help myself. I have been wanting to try out a high-end blending brush for a while now so I bought this two try out. The only thing that I didn`t like was that there was no tester for this brush at the Sephora store that I went to so I didn`t know what this brush looked it. When I got home, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn`t like the shape of my other typical blending brushes. To me, this blending brush looks like a fuller, fat eye shadow brush. Hopefully this will still work great as a blending brush.
Sephora Pro Precision Crease Brush There wasn`t a tester for this brush either so I couldn`t tell how this brush felt. I could see a bit through the bristle holder but I couldn`t tell how dense it was. Its a nice skinny crease brush. I would probably end up using this to apply shadow onto my crease and my outer corner and blending it out a bit. I have already washed this one and am a bit sad to see some of the bristles straying out. Hopefully it will stay soft and keep its shape after constant use.
QUESTIONS: Have you tried any of these makeup brushes before?
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