Sephora and rite aid haul

I went through my stuff and realized I have like 3 bronzers at most, kinda weird considering how many blushes I have, it just feels off balance somehow lol I have thought about the bobbi brown one, maybe a lancome, maybe a dior but honestly none of them really appealed to me, there just wasn`t anything that made me go WOW kwim? so today I was at the mall and my mom wanted to go to sephora because she likes the rollerball perfumes just as much as I do and was running really low, this is what I ended up picking up

I got the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil - yeah I gave in to this one and the only reason it came out on top was because of the scent lol I wouldn`t say it smells like chocolate really, almost but not quite. now when I got it home, it reminded me of the Bourjois Delice de Poudre which is also claimed to smell like chocolate, they look sooo much alike too, they photograph pretty much the same BUT when swatched, Too Faced is definitely way more pigmented though but they smell pretty much the same. if you`ve been wanting to try the Bourjois and can`t because you know, they don`t sell them in the US, try the Too Faced.

since my mom was making me smell a zillion perfumes, I came across Fame by Lady Gaga. I no longer buy big bottles of perfume because I know they will go stale before I get through even 1/2 of them so I stick to rollerballs, I will say that I was beyond tempted to get a bottle of this one because it is that good. omg it`s amazing, not fruity, not flowery, it has notes of belladonna, incense, apricot, orchids, jasmine - delish !!! the coolest thing of course is that it`s black liquid. I noticed that when I rolled it on my arm I could see like a grayish cast on my skin but if it fades once rubbed and I mean, it`s not like BLACK on the skin. I can not believe I like it so much lol just for reference, it`s actually bigger than the flowerbomb roller.

lastly, I picked up this goodie from from Rite Aid. I`ve been meaning to buy Get Figgy from Benefit but Maybelline`s Pomegranate Punk is good enough for now I think. I really do like this one, I think it`s softer and ti blends way better than the ones they originally released.

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