Sephora- Birthday Gift amp (baby) Haul!

5 years ago

For your birthday, Sephora gives you a free gift every year, and this year they gave out two mini sized Sugar lip treatment, or chapstick. But you must pick it up at the store or order it online within 2 weeks of your birthday. If you get it at the store, you do not have to buy anything. Just pick it up. But if you get it online, you must make a purchase, along with shipping which is $6 for the cheapest one... I didn`t have time to pick it up at the store, so I just got it online.

I ordered Sephora`s Super Nourishing lip balm for $6. It`s clear colored and you just twist the end for the chapstick to come up. I read good reviews on this online. It was 0.123 oz.

For my birthday gift, I thought that they were generous!! A 0.15 oz, which is a full size, costs $22.50!! They gave us 2 0.08oz lip balms, which is 0.16 altogether, which is more than a full sized product worth $22.50.. There are also good reviews of Sugar lip treatments. And the reviews were right, the lip treatments do smell good! It`s like sweet, tangy lemonade. The pink colored balm is called Sugar Rose and has a pinkish-reddish tint to it. The brown colored balm is called Sugar and is just clear. Both of them have SPF 15.

With every Sephora purchase online, they give you samples to choose from. You can pick three. Many of them are very high end brands. I picked the Dior Hydra Life BB Creme, which came in a .10 fl oz tube. Then I picked the NARS tinted moisturizer with SPF 30. The last thing is the Dolce & Gabbana cologne?! I don`t remember picking cologne!! Lol. It must have been a mistake or I had pressed the wrong button?! I just realized this right now!! Lol. I even sprayed it on my wrists! It smelled nice lol. It is a 0.06 fl oz bottle.

Anyways... haha! I`m happy with what I got today :) It`s always nice coming home to packages!

-Pictures are mine.

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