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Last week, my friend and I got a random craving for <strong>soon dubu</strong>. So we decided to stop by <strong>Seoul House of Tofu</strong> to satisfy our craving because it`s relatively close to us. This was my first time eating here so I was pretty excited to try it out. Soon dubu is one of my favorite Korean dishes to eat. Soon dubu is basically a spicy stew with tofu; it also includes various veggies and meats.

I ordered the <strong>Dumpling Soon Dubu</strong> and my friend ordered the <strong>Mushroom Soon Dubu</strong>. When we started eating our soon dubu, we realized that it wasn`t hot enough. Usually, it comes out steaming hot and sometimes it`s even bubbling. My friend added an egg to her stew and it ended up never cooking because the soup wasn`t hot enough!

I probably wouldn`t recommend this place because my first experience here wasn`t great. My soon dubu wasn`t hot enough and it was definitely lacking flavor. I went with the medium spice level, but it wasn`t all that spicy. On top of that, the rice was really dried out and hard. The dumplings in the soon dubu was actually very tasty so that was a big plus and the banchan here is pretty good.

<em>Do you like eating Korean food? What`s your favorite Korean dish?</em>

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