Sennheiser RS120 Over-Ear 900MHz Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle

4 years ago

It seems most of the negative reviews for this product have to do with the sound quality, mainly the presence or absence of a hiss. So I guess in that regard its a hit or miss, nothing in between. For us, fortunately the headphones work great with no hiss. Not sure if obstructions or walls cause the hiss other folks have mentioned. We use the headphones approximately 15-20 ft away from the base, and there is no hiss. There is a tuning switch at the back of the headsets which allowed us to tune it to the perfect sound quality. Sort of like tuning a radio.

Overall I am very pleased with the quality of these headsets. Quick rundown of pros and what I would like to see added to the features:


- Great price. For $70-80 a piece, these are pretty good headphones given that you get the headphones, a charging base, rechargeable batteries, power cable, and an AV cable with 2 headphone jack adapters.

- The headphones are easy to set up, it took me less than 5 minutes to connect them and begin using them. Fairly straight forward set up process - connect power cord, insert battery (battery goes into the headphones), charge headphones, connect AV cable to sound source, and that`s really it.

- Easy to use - I use this at night to keep sound in the room to a minimum. So I turn the TV volume down to zero and power up these headphones. On-off, volume, and tuning buttons are on the back of the headphones. Takes a day or two to get used to the controls and it`s intuitive after that.

- Comfortable to wear - the headphones have ample cushioning on the top and the ear pieces to be comfortable to wear for extended period of time. Nice fit overall.

- Charge time seems to be good so far. After leaving it to charge overnight, I have used this for over a week and haven`t had the need to charge yet. I would assume 7-10 hours of use during this period. Pretty good, don`t need more than that.

- Sound quality - The sound quality is pretty good. Once they were tuned to the correct "frequency", sound is crisp. No hiss or static. Now these are no Bose NC headsets, so at high volumes, sound from the headphones can be heard by others. But I personally don`t listen at high volumes, so it`s fine for me. If you want to listen at high volumes, there is a decent amount of "drift" outside.

Now to the nitpicks - these are features I can live without but it would have been nice to see these features incorporated in future designs:

- Sound quality - as I mentioned earlier, high volumes are not that great on this set. It would be nice to get a leather-like trim or maybe a slightly better quality cushion that prevents any sound drift. I have the Bose NC headsets as well that I use on flights and those are impeccable in this regard.

- Wireless AV dongle - not sure if something like this even exists, but here`s my issue (albeit a very minor one). The stand currently needs to be kept near the TV (or other sound source) because it connects through an AV cable. This means that when I need to charge the headphones, I need to keep them on the stand by the TV. It would be nice if the stand could connect wirelessly so some type of dongle connected to the AV out of the TV. This would allow me keep the headphones by the bedside at all times instead of having to remember to keep them on the stand by the TV every now and then to charge. As I said, minor issue but it`s a "nice-to-have" feature.

Overall these are great headphones and serve the purpose of wireless sound source very well. I personally recommend these very highly based on our experience so far.

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