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5 years ago

This past week i attended a conference for my school in Des Moines, the capitol of Iowa!
This was my first time in Des Moines so it was fun to go with a bunch of other students!
And it was really awesome to see the Iowa capitol especially since i`ve been to the Michigan capitol a few times.

The class i went with was the Student Senate, which is the schools student Government.
We were in the capitol Wednesday and thursday, we stayed in a hotel over night where a bunch of students from other Community colleges attended a meeting.
We went on a tour of the Capitol on Wednesday and we had a meeting in the capitol Thursday morning to talk to Congress and the senate about funding for community colleges.

The Iowa Capitol building is BEAUTIFUL!
The first picture is a view of the building from the front lawn.
Note the gold dome, it`s actually covered in 24 karrot gold leaf!
There are also gold detailings all over the the inside of the building on the ceiling and the walls.

The second picture is of the stair case and the water painting above. When you enter the capitol you actually walk in at the basement then you go through security. This staircase is from the first to second floor.
There`s three main floors, but there is a staircase that leads up until the top of the Dome (I didn`t go up cause i don`t do heights, but my other classmates said it was cool).

The third picture is the ceiling in the senate. I love the stain glass ceiling it was bright that day so you can see the light coming through the sky lights above the glass. Plus the Chandelier is stunning! and they were everywhere!

My fourth picture is the Library. Did you know every state capitol has a public library? It`s True!
The library is 5 floors and has THOUSANDS of books! It looks like the library from the movie Beauty and the Beast, it was beautiful!

The fifth picture is of the Senate! we were introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It is one of the coolest things ever!

The sixth picture is of the Governors desk. The Governor was actually off in Cedar Rapids meeting with President Obama that morning so we got to go into his office.

The seventh picture is of all us Student Senators. We took this at the Speakers Desk in the Senate. It was pretty cool standing in the middle of it all!

It was a really amazing trip! I had a fun time talking with all the Senators and Congressman, some of them didn`t seem to care about us visiting, but a lot of them listened really at-tentatively and acted like they cared.
It really felt like we made a difference!

It definitely inspired me to contact my Congressman and senators when i get back home this summer and maybe even go lobby at the Capitol!

The images above ALL belong to me, please do not take them.

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