Selling to Plato`s Closet amp Experience #2!

4 years ago

I was in need to head over to my local Plato`s Closet store to sell some things, since I wanted to add some money to my Texas fund since I`m going this month YAY. Plus, I have so many things I never even wear anymore, so....why keep them, right? While I was cleaning out my closet, I decided to snap some pictures of the things I was going to try and sell to them. I brought in 4 big bags and one mini one, full of: Formal dresses from high school, jackets/hoodies/cardigans, brand new jeans, shirts that weren`t my style anymore, some skirts and new leggings, shoes, belts, jewelry, etc.
They weren`t that busy today, so the store wasn`t crowded for once, and it only took about an hour for everything to get done (last time it took THREE!), but luckily, the store was located across from the mall :)
They ended up buying 20 of my things for $63.10! That may not seem like a lot, but when I got home and looked through what they didn`t buy, they actually bought the cheaper/uglier things I had brought in lol! They mostly bought the shirts, both skirts, one formal dress, all the shoes but one pair, 2 cheap F21 belts, and some jewelry. I was pretty pleased with that!
My best friend and I are going back next weekend since she wants to sell some stuff, and I`m going to bring the rest of my lot back in along with another bag in my basement I forgot all about this time around. The good thing about that place is, everytime you bring in stuff, it`s a different person who goes through it. Thus, something one person may pass on, the next time someone may want to buy it first! A lot of this stuff they bought this time, they didn`t want last time. See what I mean? Anyway, this is an awesome way to score some pocket cash and clean out your closet for new goodies! Anyone else love to sell to Plato`s Closet? xox

*Photos are MINE.

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