Sell your iPad2 to make room for the iPad3 in March!

Next month March, the Apple iPad3 will debut and you know what that means... Apple iPad original generation (iPad1) and second generation (iPad2) are selling their devices up on Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon and other websites so it`s a good time either A) Sell your iPad2 device OR B) Buy a pre-owned iPad2 device because it`s something you want but can budget out $500-600. Either way it`ll be a win win situation for you.

If you`re planning to buy an iPad 3, get rid of your older generation iPads so you won`t be losing that much profit.

And if you`re someone who wants to buy an older generation iPad it`s good for you cause you get to own an iPad for a fraction of the cost. Most of the times since many people are selling their iPads whatever offer they get even a cheap one, they`ll take it cause they`re desperate for the new generation coming up.

By the way the price of the older generation iPads are expected to be around $300 according to the site which isn`t totally true. It`s like $200-300 for the first gen while the second is around $400-500, you might get lucky though for a lower price. =)

<strong>Will you be selling your iPad1 or 2 soon?</strong> I know my boyfriend did. He used it for a few months and ended up losing like $75 bucks which isn`t bad considering how he got a lot of use out of it. =)

By the way rumors about the iPad3:
March 7 is when the iPad 3 is going to debut/sale
1080p rear facing camera w/ image stabilization
Siri capability
4 by 4 pixels
8 mega pixel camera
4G connection

Do you think any of the rumors of the iPad3 will be true? Which do you hope is true? It`d be nice if the camera is a gear up. Siri sounds like fun but we`ll have to wait a few weeks to see and I bet there will be 3958331838 posts as soon as the iPad3 launches.

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