Self-Tanning 101

5 years ago

Now that summer is almost here, I wanted to share with everyone my self-tanning tips! I`m sure you`ve all heard these a million and one times, but just in case you haven`t, here you go! Even if you won`t be tanning at home, or you`re using spray tan, bed tan, lotion tan, anything, you should still follow these tips for the best tan possible. Hope it helps!

Step 1) [or 2] Shave. Anything that needs shaving, shave BEFORE you apply the tan. Shaving afterwards could result in the lightening of the tan. Why? Because when you shave, it actually removes the top layer of skin. My favorite razor ever, is the Schick Hydro 5.

Step 2) [or 1] Exfoliate. This will ensure all the dead skin if off, thus giving you a clean surface for your fresh tan, and give you a more even finish. If you choose to exfoliate before you shave, which you can, I`ve heard that shaving time is faster because all the dead skin is out of your way, so there`s less to remove. My current exfoliator is the Burt`s Bees Honey & Shea Sugar Scrub.

Step 3) Tan any way you choose. You can tan naturally, go to a tanning bed (bad!), get a spray tan, or use a lotion at home. Right now I`m using a lotion self tanner (Jergen`s Natural Glow Express Moisturizer & Jergen`s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer).

(Optional) Step 4) Exfoliate again. This is optional and not always necessary. If you self-tan, and you end up looking patchy in some spots, exfoliating just that area can help lighten the tan to match the rest of you.

*Photo is MINE. Tips my own.
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