Selena Gomez Travels to Nepal for UNICEF

2 years ago

Hey Guys!

Now those are news that people dont share very frequently. All I hear in the media about Selena is how she went to rehab because of Justin or some stupid rumor, but nobody seem to care about the good she is doing in the world.

I have to say that for a long time I always thought those charity trips that celebrities make are only to promote themselves, but seeing these pictures of her with the kids and actually participating in the activities changed my mind a little.

I Honestly think that if you are going to do good, you dont need to scream to everybody that you are doing it just to be praised for it, but when you are a celebrity I think the case is different, since you have lots of followers and your voice is heard a thousand times louder, you can actually inspire people to do good, then theres the reason to do charity and let everyone know.

I always liked Selena for her work with UNICEF. It looks like she genuinely likes what she does there and that she really cares about the kids and people she is helping. I know these are just pictures and they can be just acting, but the massage she is sending here is very important in my opinion. I love to see this real side of her, no awesome expensive dresses and fancy make up, just her and the kids playing.

What do you guys think?
Let me know!

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