Selena Gomez gets real and Emotional in new Music Video

2 years ago

Hello Guys,

After staying a while without releasing any new songs, Selena came back with this killer track, that needless to say, is going to raise a lot of rumors.

If you go to the comments of this video all you can see is speculations about who this song is about. While everyone is assuming is about Justin Bieber ( or they are pretty sure since he was Selena`s last boyfriend) I was just impressed by the rawness of this video.

I mean, yeah yeah, it probably about Justin Bieber, but who cares who is it about when the girl is pouring her heart in this song and video? The first seconds are just so heart breaking and real and to me this is art.

I have to confess that I never really liked Selena as a musician, I mean, as a performer, because she never really wrote her songs or anything and I dont really like her voice, but after watching this video and hearing this song my mind is changed, just because for me, now, she is a real artist. She is putting everything in her art, not caring about what people will say about it and this is what matters. I mean, the lyrics of this song is just crazy filled with real emotion.

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