Selena Gomez Gas Troubles

3 years ago

Hey everyone! Yes, you read the title right! Selena Gomez was recently caught by paparazzi having gas troubles. There is even a video online showing everything that happened. The only thing is that you are probably thinking about a different kind of gas. LOL I am actually talking about gas car troubles. Recently Selena Gomez bought a brand new luxury car. She pulled into the gas station to fill up her gas tank, only to realize that she pulled up to the wrong side. She didn`t know which side her gas tank was and even had one of paparazzi to move her brand new car because she couldn`t do it. I guess she was worried that she might hit something if she turned the car itself since it was too wide. I don`t know but I am surprised that she let some random person drive her car. It was actually pretty funny because once her gas tank was filled, she got into her car and part of her dress was caught in the car door and all the paparazzi were yelling out, your dress so she had to open the car door to pull in her dress. The only thing was that when she closed her car door again, part of her dress was still peeking out from the car door. Hilarious!
QUESTIONS: What do you guys think about this whole ordeal?
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