Selena Gomez Debuts Her New Tattoo!

5 years ago

Who would have thought that Selena Gomez out of all people would be the one to get a tattoo? I certainly didn`t think this and I was kinda shocked when I heard this. Not that tattoos are a bad thing, but I just thought that Selena wouldn`t be the person to get one. I guess it might be Justin Bieber rubbing off on her... ? maybe lol. Anyways the tattoo is of a heart and it is super tiny. In fact, it is hard to see that I almost missed it the first time I saw this picture!

Apparently, Selena stopped by Hollywood`s Under the Gun tattoo shop yesterday where she met with Jordan Sandoval who gave her the tattoo of the heart on her wrist. After getting the tattoo, Jordan Sandoval took to his twitter and wrote-
"She got a heart under her wrist. She was excited...she wasn`t nervous. She is way cute."
According to him , Selena took the pain like a champ. I personally don`t know how painful a tattoo is, but I know it does hurt.. although her tattoo is so tiny, so I don`t know if it would be painful or not.

I like Selena`s tattoo a lot! In my opinion it`s cute and as of now, she says it doesn`t hold a specific meaning to her although I think it might have something to do with Justin. I like the positioning of her tattoo. It`s similar to her friend Demi`s tattoo place. Plus, since it`s so small, Selena can still be on t.v. such as disney without worrying too much about covering it!

What do you guys think of her tattoo?
Do you like it?
Do you think it hurts for a tattoo that size?

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