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4 years ago

My mom left these in a drawer for anyone in the house to use, so I decided to use these because my old eye lashes are going bad. From the packaging, the brand looks pretty cheap and whatnot. But the lashes look very natural and similar to my other eye lashes, so I liked them instantly.

The band on the lashes are EXTREMELY fragile. I pulled on pair off with tweezers (something I do with my other eye lashes from a different brand) and a piece of the eye lash fell off! I did it more gently on the other side and another piece fell off. So the other eye lash I took it off the packaging with my fingers and it was okay.

Wearing them on, they looked horrible on me. The inner corners of the eye lashes would go down while the outer part would go up. I looked like a clown, no joke.

I really don`t know what to do with these eye lashes. I might try them another time in the future, or I might just toss these because they take up space.

Have you ever tried these?

-Pictures are mine.

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