See you via X-RAY on Future Phones?!

What if I told you.. future cell phones will have a camera that will be able to see through walls aka XRAY vision? That would be freaking crazy! Researchers ate UT Dallas figured out how to tap the terahertz spectrum with a special microchip that allows you to have x-ray vision. Technically the terahertz rays can be seen from a mile away but there`s no way that would be allowed so if this "concept" passes, you`ll probably be able to see within four inches or less.

If we were given special powers to be able to see through walls or within 4 inches, What would you want to see? Give a scenario where you would use your special powers on?

You could totally see your crush NAKED x-ray style if they`re within 4 inches of you or less, lol. I am sure they will notice if you`re that close to them and pointing your phone up/down at them though... haha =P!

Even though this is interesting, I highly doubt phone cameras for the future will be integrated with this microchip unless you customize your own phone to. There are some apps that claim to see yourself in x-ray vision but I never tested those apps before.

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