See Through 3D Desktop = The Future Desktops?

Two interns from Microsoft created this concept of a see through 3D Desktop. It`s actually confusing to me and I hope it won`t ever be a concept toward the future computer cause it seems harder to use and would give me a headache. Instead of the keyboard being in front of you, it`s in the back and the desktop is in front.

Why? It`s a way for you to interact inside your desktop and you`re able to manipulate what you`re seeing! The sensors will catch on to your motion so you can move your windows in your computer around.

Overall: This is a step toward a new technology but I don`t think it`s practical. In order for you to move a screen you have to put your hands in the air? It`d make your arms/hands tired.. I really don`t see the point.

<strong>Would you want to stare at your screen first then your keyboard behind it?</strong> That would be totally weird!

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