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Vortex Professional Makeup Brushes with Belt

The Vortex Collection exclusively designed by Renelyn Monteloyola of Makeup by Ren Ren for Sedona Lace. This pro line of brushes takes makeup application and technique to the next level. All of the brushes are multi-purpose and versatile and includes a brush belt to help store the brushes and keep them within easy reach.The following brushes are included

Jumbo Fan - FB 01
Face Brush
Everyone needs a fan brush in their life. This multi-purpose brush is large and luxurious and can be used with a number of powder products. Use it with loose powder and pack it under your eyes to catch fall out. Its also great for setting your foundation with powder. Use it on an angle to get a nice, even distribution of blush, bronzer or highlight. The large shape also makes it great for applying body shimmer.

Tip: Keep the plastic cover on the brush when its not in use in order to maintain its shape.

Tulip Contour - FB 03
Face Brush
The tulip cut makes this a great contour brush. Use it on its tip and it fits perfectly into the hollow of the cheeks for contouring or onto the tops of the cheekbones for highlighting. From the pointed tip, the bristles taper off to help with blending. In a pinch, this brush also works great for applying bronzer, blush or setting powder.

Tip: Try using this with cream foundation. The tulip shape will make blending a dream.

Dome Contour - FB 05
Face Brush
For some serious contouring, this compact, dome shaped brush comes in handy. The bristles are tightly packed giving the density needed to really buff in contour powder into the cheek bones, temples, and jaw line. You can also use this brush for liquid or cream foundation as the dense bristles help to blend out the product and apply it with maximum coverage.

Tip: Use a light amount of pressure when using this brush to avoid shedding.

Flat Top Buffer - FB 07
Face Brush
A flat top buffer brush is everyones best friend when it comes to foundation. The compact, flat top helps buff in powder, liquid, or cream foundation for an airbrushed finish. No need to worry about liquid or cream foundation staining these brown, synthetic bristles. You can also use this brush on its side to get a precise, contoured edge on the cheekbones.

Tip: Dampen the brush bristles slightly to make foundation application a breeze.

Universal Blender - EB 09
Eye brush
This is the universal blender because it can do everything. Use the brush flat on its side to pack on eyeshadow, and use it on its tip to apply crease and contour color. This is also an amazing brush for applying all over lid color in a snap.

Tip: Keep an extra Universal Blender around to help with blending out colors it will correct any over application or mistakes instantly.

Flat Synthetic - EB 11
Eye brush
Synthetic brushes are ideal for cream and liquid products as they prevent soaking up of excess makeup. The large head of this brush makes it perfect for applying creamy eyeshadow base or concealer in seconds. The dense, smooth bristles also make it ideal for packing on shadow both cream and powder.

Tip: Use this brush on its tip and youll get the best application of brow bone shadow ever.

Synthetic Blender - EB 13
Eye Brush
This brush is not only great for eyeshadow but concealer as well. Makeup artists have been using crease brushes for years to help blend out creamy product like concealer or eyeshadow base. This brush was formulated with synthetic bristles to apply the perfect amount of product. The bristles are also nice and dense to for easily blending out darker crease colors.

Tip: Use this as brush for contouring the nose. The shape and tapered bristles will help you blend out hard lines easily.

Pointed Crease - EB 15
Eye Brush
The best thing about this crease brush is that it comes to a nice point at the top. This is perfect for even the smallest eye spaces.

Tip: Use this brush to help you blend out cut the crease looks the pointed tip will prevent over blending and keep colors where theyre supposed to go.

Brow Spoolie Duo - EB 17
Eye Brush
The key to better brows is having the right tool set. This duo is perfect for applying brow color effortlessly and then blending it out to look completely natural. The angled brow side has more stiff, textures bristles so that you can really get it there with your brow color. After that, use the spoolie side to blend out harsh lines and create consistent, even color.

Tip: Use the spoolie brush to blend out mascara clumps its multi-purpose!

Bent Liner - EB 19
Eye Brush
If you have problems applying liner, this bent brush will solve all your problems. The ferrule is conveniently angled so that you can apply gel or liquid liner without having your view obstructed by the brush head. The tip of the brush was created to be dense and pointed to give you a clean line.

Tip: Dampen the bristles of the brush before you apply liner to always have a super clean line.

Detailed Shader - EB 21
Eye Brush
For advanced eyeshadow application, a small shader brush is essential. Use it to fit into all the nooks and crannies of even the smallest eyes. This is great for getting into the tear ducts with a highlight color or even onto the lash line for smudging out color.

Tip: Use this as a crease brush for smaller eye shapes draw the outer v and crease on its tip and then blend.

Angled Detail - EB 23
Eye Brush
This angled brush was created specifically to have extremely thin bristles and a deep, diagonal cut. Youll never have a problem with applying the perfect winged liner with this brush.

Tip: The thinness of this brush makes it amazing for creating a cut the crease look.

Capped Lip Brush - LB 23
A lip brush is essential to get a clean lip line. This style was formatted with a cap to keep your brush sanitary when not in use. Snap it onto the end of the brush while using it and you have a full sized lip brush thats easy to handle.

Tip: Think youre out of your favorite lip stick? Dont throw it away. Use the lip brush to scoop out extra product inside the bottom of the tube.

Brush Belt
Having a brush belt on a gig keeps you organized and professional looking. Use the brush belt at home for storage and easy access. The upgraded material is smooth, durable and easy to clean. With this belt, you can store dozens of brushes with room to grow.

Tip: When traveling, fold the belt together with brushes on the inside and then wrap the straps around the belt. Place in a baggie and your brushes will stay protected and wont fall out of place.

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