Sedona Lace Pink Professional amp Vortex Brush Open BoxFirst Impressions

4 years ago

Hey guys, I know I`ve been so bad with uploading on luuux but I`m trying to upload stuff more often :)

Anywho, I recently made my first purchase from sedona lace. Just in case you don`t know, sedona lace is a brand that sells brush sets, palettes, etc. and their brushes are pretty much the same as sigma brushes (in my opinion) but alot cheaper :) so when I saw that sedona lace had 50% off sitewide, I just couldn`t pass it up! the shipping was really quick a total of 4 days and thats it. and it came very well prepared.

I`ve already washed them and put them through the tugging test to see if they shed and so far its very minimal shedding that all brushes go through. The only real issue I had was that all the black bristle brushes bled quite alot.
it turned the suds a kinda light navy color but we`ll see how it works out with time. As far as how soft they are, They`re quite soft. Much softer then what I thought they would be. And yes there was a bit of a scent but nothing severe and it somewhat went away after I washed them. The original scent slightly lingers but unless I stick my nose in the brush I can`t notice it.I`ll update you guys more on the brush set once a got a better chance to really play with all of them :)

as of right now though the set I perfer between the two that I purchased is the pink one but we`ll see as time passes :)

what did you guys buy on black friday?

*all pictures were taken by me and belongs to me

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