Secure your *secrets* in this Voice Activated USB!

Do you have secret documents or even photos that you don`t want anyone to see? How do you save those documents or photos? Passwords are bound to be hacked but can a voice activated USB drive be hacked? It doesn`t sound easy if the voice recognition software is LEGIT. But if it`s a crappy voice recognition then you may be in-trouble. Anyway, if the software is LEGIT-- it would seem harder to hack unless you know what the password is then record the owner`s voice every time his/her password has that word, phrase. However, that would be hard. This 8GB USB is $50 which is a lot but hey if you`re cheating or hiding something then $50 won`t be a lot. However, I don`t encourage anyone to buy this, because I sure wouldn`t.

<strong>Would you need a USB that has a voice recognition software? What would you store on here? Keep it PG-13, lol!</strong>

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