Secret Story, French tv hit

4 years ago

Secret Story is a reality show where 10 people (not sure about the number) enter a house with a personal or shared secret. The goal of this show is that you find the secrets from the other players. And that you stay as long as possible in the house because every friday there`s one player who has to leave the house. the public chooses who have to go. In this game you have to be very careful who do you trust and you have the be very strategique. Becquse the production gives secret missions to the players for example pretent that your falling in love with .. and hold on for a week. When the lission is welol completed they win money.

The personal secrets are very differant. In the show this secrets came by:

I`m a princess

We aren`t brother and sister, ( they came in the house and presented themeself to the others as brother and sister)

I have the IQ from Einstein.

I life with my ex and wife in the same house. ( the tree people are in the house and the others don`t know that they have a connection)

My ex is in the house

My mother is in the house


I love it I watch since 5 years hahaha ohh goshh! They are 6 seasons, And the players are in the house for 2 months.

What do you think about this show?

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