Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash: Review

5 years ago

This is another product that I`ve had for quite a while. I believe I got it when I purchased a deodorant of the same fragrance. It`s a body spray that, despite the name (Cocoa Butter Kiss), smells of coconut with a hint of jasmine.

To me, it smells like deodorant, so I don`t wear it often, lol. I like the smell of most deodorants, but I don`t want to smell entirely of deodorant! This fragrance is very sweet-smelling, almost too sweet, and I`m a girl that likes sugary fragrances! It`s not awful, it just smells pretty artificial...pretty much like a standard cheap drugstore body spray. Not to put down cheap drugstore body sprays, though! I loooove some of Calgon`s body spray fragrances, especially Hawaiian Ginger and Mmm Orange Pop (the orange creamsicle one).

Interestingly enough, even though my boyfriend dislikes or merely tolerates most of the scented bath and body products I own, he LOVES the smell of this stuff. It`s so weird! My guess is that it`s because it smells mostly of coconut, and he loves coconut. Although, I did see a review on Makeup Alley where a similar effect was mentioned on a reviewer`s Makes you think! ;)

Overall, I would say that this is an okay fragrance. I wouldn`t repurchase it, personally - I think the next time I`m looking for a drug store body splash or mist, I will buy one from Calgon or The Healing Garden. Secret Scent Expressions just smells like a deodorant, in my opinion.

<strong>Have you ever tried Secret Scent Expressions Body Splashes? Do you have any favourite fragrances?</strong>

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