Secret Life of The American Teenager is Back!! *Spoilers

I am so excited that Secret Life of The American Teenager Season 4 is back on air but the episode wasn`t all that interesting to me. I only like to hear news about Amy and Ricky more then the other characters lol.

<strong>But what happen in this episode?</strong>
Ricky popped the question finally at the end of last season and now Ricky wants to get married but Amy isn`t so ready yet. She`s happy with just the ring now.. that leads to some complications but before ending the episode, Amy considers attending summer school to make room for her senior year to plan for the wedding.
Ben meets a new girl named Dylan from a party last episode. They have a lot in common until the girl and her friends come to his house unexpectedly and are seen smoking pot. Who takes the blame? Ben.
Ben`s best friend Henry sleeps with Adrian and Ben finds out so does Henry`s ex-girlfriend.
Madison slept with Lauren`s boyfriend! And now Lauren isn`t friends with Madison. Madison called Henry because now they`re the unpopular crowd supposedly cause they`re "messed" up people.
Grace kissed Jack and her boyfriend finds out and breaks them to up.
Adrian comes up with a good idea to stop her from being obsessed and begging guys to see her/sleep with her is that Grace should move in for the summer with Adrian so they both will be watching each other, controlling their emotions and focus in summer school.

<strong>If you watch Secret Life what did you think of the season? What do you think is going to happen with the next episode?</strong> I was reading spoilers on facebook and a bunch of people on the fan page said Amy`s pregnant again...

<em>Want to watch Secret Life of The American Teenager for free?</em>
*Note: The show airs on Monday but won`t be uploaded on the website until the following day, Tuesday.

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