Secret Falls of Kauai Hawaii

5 years ago

This is the last waterfall I have to show you all from our trip to Hawaii back in September. These are pictures from our kayak down the Wailua River and hike to the Secret/Sacred Falls. The kayaking wasn`t bad as it was just a river and I don`t get motion sickness on rivers whoo hoo haha and it took less than an hour of paddling to get to the hikng trail. But I did take a few breaks and one of them was in picture 2 lol. You paddle from the Wailua River and then when the fork in the river comes you head right and paddle down a little further and then pull your kayak onto shore. There are markers all along the trail to show you where to go and we had a map as well. The hike is extremely muddy and there is a river crossing in this and your feet will get wet along with the shoes you`re wearing. It is definitely not recommended you wear flip flops and be dumb because oh I don`t want my feet to get wet because next thing you know you will slip on a patch of mud and mess yourself up bad like how one lady almost fell over the side of the trail. The hike took about an hour since my map holder took us the long way lol. The round trip can be done under 5 hours even with stops to rest in between and also at the falls to hydrate and re-fuel, but this also depends on your physical activity level of course. You can opt to pay for a "tour" which is about $85/person or be like us rent a kayak for $60 and kayak and guide yourself with the map, sure the "tour" gives you a free lunch, but man $170 for two people for a sandwich, water, and a bag of chips for a 5 hour tour no thanks. I can read a map thank you very much lol.

Would you have gone on the 5 hour guided tour or been like us and be cheap and rent your kayak and pray to god you don`t get lost in the jungle brush lol.

Pictures are mine from my vacation and you do not have permission

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