Secret clinicak strenth deoderant review

This might sound gross, but i have had a problem with HORRIBLE wet spots under my armits on my shirt since 6th grade. Its HORRIBLE. its not a tiny little spot, its big. it can be seen even when i put my hands down to my side! it was SO emberessing. all of 6th and 7th grade i remember having to wear black shirts and navy blue shirts, and thick hoodies and sweatshirts so this would no be seen. i tryed every deoderant out there and it NEVER helped. finally i went to the doctor and they prescribed me with DRYSOL, that was super helpful, i only used it for about a year and a half and then stopped. When i had stopped it never came back for a while, untill recently. It wasent as bad so i didnt wanna rush to the doctor, so i picked this up! its more expesive then most deoderant but it works WODERFULLY and smells AMAZING. it helps so much with my underarm wetness, i really reccmond you get this if you have the same problem as me! hope i helped!

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