Seche Vite VS. INM Out The Door

5 years ago

My holy grail nail polish top coat if you already didnt know is Seche Vite and it always is and always has been Seche Vite, but I picked up the INM Out the Door top coat a while ago to see what its like since it seems to also be a cult favorite besides Seche Vite. Well Ive been using the INM one for a few weeks now and it is a good top coat but in comparison to Seche Vite I still prefer Seche Vite over INM. We all know that Seche Vite is super fast drying and it also adds this amazing glossy shine to your manicure. Although we also all know that Seche Vite does have its flaws and one of them being the warning right on the back of the bottle. In my opinion, the warning doesnt really bother be too much and its not like Im holding the bottle up to my nose and sniffing it for fun. Also The main issue a lot of people have problems with and I know I did too before is the fact that half way down the bottle and polish tends to get thick and goopy which can sometimes lead to you just tossing it and purchasing a new one. I know I use to hate it when my Seche Vite got all thick and I can still remember tossing out a few bottle of these out and just buying a new one but that was until I bought a /viz/nail-polish-savera-must-have and it literally saved my life and my seche vite :)! Shrinkage is something else Ive heard people complain about with this top coat. Yes there can be some shrinkage issue at times but then again what top coat doesnt have shrinkage problems? Out the Door on the other hand is also a good top coat. It applies easily, I love the brush and the brush is also a bit wider in comparison to the Seche Vite one too. This top coat definitely also adds shine to your manicure which is great. As for the drying time, I would say its okay but not as fast drying as Seche Vite. Some things that I noticed that is somewhat of a let down is the fact that this also does shrink more specifically near my cuticles, Ive also noticed the last few times Ive used it the polish has gotten thick but its not something that a nail polish thinner cant fix. Based on the 2 top coats, overall I still prefer Seche Vite over Out the Door. Seche Vite to me is more shiny and glossy in comparison to Out the Door, Out the Door next to Seche Vite just looks dull. Seche Vite also does dry quicker which for me is key in my book because I really dont want to be sitting around waiting that extra few minutes for my nails to dry especially since I am always painting them. Im not saying I wont ever use the Out the Door one because hello I obviously bought it and Im not gonna let it sit and go to waste, Im just saying it I had to choose one that I would always go to and repurchase it would definitely be Seche Vite! What do you think? Which top coat do you prefer?

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