Seattle: Home of the Hole-in-the-Wall Coffee Shops

3 years ago

Hellooo my darlings!
Seattle has been getting a lot of hype lately due to the Superbowl. Being a local, I`m already a biased fan for those Seahawks (guilty!). But football fan or not, it seems like the city is being highlighted for all its football-related aspects.
However, in the midst of all of this Seahawks glory, I`d like to take a moment to appreciate the unrelenting aestheticism of the rustic Seattle scene--and the hipsters that contribute to these little wonders.
Famous for being the origin of the Starbucks franchise, it should be known for its coffee. Right?
We have our Tim Horton`s, Starbucks, Tully`s, and even Dunkin` Donuts. And while these mega franchises have their fair share of mouth-watering beverages, we tend to walk over the actual diamonds in the dirt.
What coffee shop am I referring to, specifically?
Street Bean Espresso.
A smaller coffee shop, it`s one of the many that can easily be overlooked on the way to the almighty Starbucks or Tim`s.
I for one almost didn`t see it until I gracefully walked right into the sign planted outside their door.
Walking inside, I instantly felt the environment shift around me into a modern, earthy-industrial vibe.
Various wall art, decorative lamps, bright lighting, yet stylishly minimal.
The furniture was the best part; it ranged from leather recliners and vintage seats to metal chairs and wooden tables that flawlessly wove together to make a statement to the customers.
The baristas were hip young people (without uniforms, oooh~), and made it the kind of place you`d want to grab a chair and just sit down for a while to soak in. Quieter than a Starbucks, brighter than a Starbucks, more space than your average Starbucks, and definitely more comfortable than a Starbucks- -I`d give it an A+ for style and ambiance. I could actually read a book without squinting for light (or lack thereof).
Looking around, there was a diverse customer base: old city folk in their own designated gossip corner, and across the room on an elevated dining platform a group of college students chatting boisterously away. The soft background noise was perfect for a moment to think, or to close your eyes and forget about your problems.
I ordered a White Vanilla Mocha with whip cream...
Oh excuse me, my mouth is watering again.

In a nutshell, this is a place definitely worth a visit.
Check it out here:
If not, at least read their page and fill your quota of inspiring stories for the day.
Ciao loves!

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