Seagull eggs (Jumbo Jaw Breakers)

4 years ago

I went to the beach a few days ago, to enjoy the summer weather, even though the water at the beach is still freezing cold despite it being summer. It was just nice to walk around and shop in the cute boutiques and have some ice cream. We went to one of the restraunts at the beach that is famous for it`s clam chowder in a bread bowl. I tried their steamed clams which were fantastic, but i`m getting off topic. This is like my third time getting a jaw breaker, and they sell these giant ones at the beach and call them seagull eggs. normally they are really hard for me to keep since I think it would be impossible to finish it in one go, but I found these ones that they had drilled a lollipop stick in, and so it was easy to carry and easy to store! Finally got to the middle! haha spent all of that day and most of the night working on it to finally get to the middle. It`s pretty, but i swear i would have thought there would be more colors then this! like a blue, maybe a purple? that would have been cool, not to say that this isn`t cool as is. , but I thought I would share some pictures. Still working on the other half of the thing haha getting kinda sick of the sugar.

Have any of you finished giant jaw breakers ( I keep accidentally calling htem gum balls haha) ?

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