Seafood Casserole

4 years ago

I don`t really enjoy seafood -- except I do like an occasional piece of fried fish and some fried clams. Other than that I`m all set. Although there`s one shrimp dish my mother makes (I`ll post about it soon) that involves shrimp being baked with a stuffing. I really think it`s the stuffing that I`m going after, but the shrimp just stay soft and not chewy that I can handle eating a few. I was invited to eat this and the baked stuff shrimp as a dinner and I tried it, but I just wasn`t feeling it. I think if I actually ENJOYED seafood, I would have liked it but ... it tasted slightly like the ocean and I couldn`t handle. The casserole had haddock, shrimp and scallops in it and it was mixed in with a cream and butter sauce, topped with panko breadcrumbs. I couldn`t handle the scallops - I`ve only tried those once and they were fried and I wasn`t a terrible fan. Truthfully seeing some of the butter in the bottom of the dish set me off into a state of panic (not hyperventilating but I was like holy crap PAULA DEEN!) I did eat a piece of fish and was all set after that. It`s not that it was bad, it`s just not something that I`d ever make or want to eat just because I`m not a seafood fan. Plus the fat and calories associated with heavy cream and butter -- yeahhh I`m all set!

Do you like seafood?

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