Sea Wheeze Half Marathon - Drag queens, Mermaids amp Mario

4 years ago

Last Saturday we ran the Lululemon Sea Wheeze Half Marathon and it was my first half marathon. My time wasn`t as good as I had wanted it to be since I didn`t hill train and well there were hills so my time ended up being 2:14:38:6 and the man finished at 2:10:57:1. I probably could`ve finished closer to his time, but I made some mistakes while running the half marathon. Instead of using my own energy gel I used their Vega plant based energy gel which was a big mistake since I use GU gels normally and I was waiting for the burst of energy to kick in but it didn`t and I didn`t run with gatorade and I always run with water on short runs and gatorade on long runs and I ended up sucking down 4-5 cups of water at the water stations which caused me to go to the washroom twice :( which slowed me down. So next time I am running with my own supplies and I will hill train to try and get my time under 2 hours for the one I am doing in Las Vegas.

The race was well planned at the aid stations there was water, vega electrolyte drinks, vega gels, bananas, and oranges. I thought that the stations were spaced well and others didn`t. A problem was that they ran out of cups at some of the stations if you were a slower runner it meant no water for you. There were bands and people cheering you along the way. My favorite were the drag queens lol. I missed seeing the mermaids, but I saw the mermaids ahead watch out sign I was like what the? But never saw them what a shame. I also got free "run shorty run" shorts from lululemon, native thong sandals, a shoe backpack, and my finisher`s medal. It was an excellent race and I`d run it again. there is a link to a guy in a thong which I did not upload and he ran it in a thong. I thought it was inappropriate so didn`t upload it lol, but feel free to look through pictures from the links.

I rested for 2 days afterwards because my quadriceps were burning and then did yoga and arm work outs two days after. Then foolishly on Thursday I went for a 30 minute run and those are nothing usually, but my calf muscles started to seize up and cramp 20 minutes in so I had to head home. It has been 8 days since the race and I am like 80% of the way back to being 100%. I was going to run a half marathon today in my city but felt it was best to not, but that didn`t stop my fiance from running. He got a time of 1:55 which is his best time yet and then he felt like crap afterwards and had sore calf muscles lol.

Who do you think looks the hottest in the photos?
Would you run a half marathon one day?
If you have how was it?

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