Sea Conch Soup!

5 years ago

This picture was from a while back, but I decided to share this here since it is such an interesting soup. Seafood is one of my favorite things to have, but I don`t have it often unless I go out and want to pay immense amount of cash. This picture was from a few weeks ago, but I went out to a restaurant and ordered this seafood soup.

The soup is a freshly squeezed sea conch soup. (with no added water it said on the menu, but I`m not exactly clear on what that really means... maybe just that it is very rich in flavor and not diluted lol)
The soup came in a small little cup with a handle. It was very tiny in size, but that made it really cute! At first glance, the soup was yellow looking. It smelt like the sea. I have had conchs before and the taste is really good. It is similar to clams, but more chewy and on the sweeter side. It has quite a strong flavor which is exactly what the soup tastes like! There were no added vegetables in the soup except for some green scallions (I think they were scallions)
I really loved the soup and even ordered a 2nd cup, but didn`t finish it because there were many other things to eat.

According to the chef, conchs- "nourishes the lungs and kidneys, strengthens the spleen, stop diarrhea, uplifts the spirit and benefits Qi as well."
These are some great benefits for something that tastes amazing!!

Have you ever had conch before?
Are you a fan of it?

*picture is mine*

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