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3 years ago

Screwball Ice Cream!

*Images belong to me, information found at the source link. Extra information can be found in the source below*
I have always loved this Ice cream since I was a young child. It is raspberry ripple Ice Cream with a flavoured bubblegum at the bottom. It is sweet but not too sweet and very flavourful.
The Ice cream comes in a cone shaped container and came out in the 70`s.
According to my research there is also a brand of Ice cream in the US called `Two ball screwball` which is basically the same but they contain two bubblegum pieces and can be bought in various flavours such as cherry and blueberry.

Have you tried this Ice cream before/do you like it?

Thanks for reading!
- Alannah x

Source link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screwball_(ice_cream)