Screen Protector Battle... WriteRight VS. ZAGG

What screen protector to get for your phone? There are so many choices -- brands, styles and prices. The most expensive doesn`t necessarily mean it works great either, lesson learned! I have had my Apple iPhone 5 for 10 months now and I went through 2 screen protectors already, this being my 3rd and I just wanted to share my experiences with two brands WriteRight VS. ZAGG . My very first screen protector I bought was from the brand WriteRight purchased at Walmart, this screen protector was a 1 pack for about $10. That screen protector worked wonders, very durable film and lasted 8 months. The reason why it didn`t last any longer was because of wear/tear and it was because I put my phone in my jeans the the jean lint got to it. Then, I went to Walmart to repurchase the identical one but they ran out, so I went to Target and bought the ZAGG (also sold at Walmart) this was $16 and it didn`t even last 2 months! I put my phone in my pocket and lint all over like 3 weeks later. I was very disappointed. I recently went back to Walmart to look for my favorite brand, WriteRight and they had it and in a 2 pack for $10.

- Affordable $10 for a 2 pack screen protector
- Bubbles disappear within 24 hours after applying
- Easy application (not easy for me but my boyfriend is pro at it!)
- Extreme scratch resistance
- Durable multi-layer film
- Crystal clear finish
- Kit includes 2 screen protectors, cleaning cloth and instruction guide

The packaging is simple, self explanatory, affordable and works wonders.

- Overpriced $16 for 1 pack
- Scratch protection
- Military grade
- Nano-memory technology
- Lifetime guarantee

Thoughts? Packaging may be nice and durable, but it`s not necessary. They put so much money into the packaging and in the end to be tossed because its just 1 pack. They overprice this product for packaging. I don`t like how the button is not fully protected compared to WriteRight.

Verdict: WRITERIGHT is the winner, don`t waste your money on ZAGG! Save the $6 bucks!

Do you use a screen protector for your phone?

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