Scored BOTH Color Tattoo For $3.18!

4 years ago

Lately I`ve been banning myself from buying cosmetics because reality has finally hit me! I`m mean when I was boxing my cosmetics and nail polishes for the storm. I felt like a hoarder in the making! HAHA But seriously, I`ve been spending way too much money on makeup! I really need to chill out! :X Someone please come rob me!

Of course, I had $6 ECBS to spend so I had to drop by CVS and claimed something! I must admit I have a bad habit when it comes to ECBs. Why is that you asked? I always wait last minute to buy something, but then I always leave with a good deal! Maybe that`s the only reason why I do that. Hmmm...

Looking at my receipt... On September 10 after work I decided to head to the new CVS since the one by my work place didn`t have NO DEALS at all! I spent almost 45 minutes in the store deciding what I should get with $6 bucks! Call me crazy, but I was about to get three boxes of Special K cereal for FREE! LOL! I think it was buy three for $9.00, but you get three $3 dollar ECBs back! So basically I would probably had to pay for tax only due to the $6 ECBs I had! That`s how bad I was trying to void myself from buying makeup! HAHA Great thinking and smart choice right?

Afterward, I finally came to a conclusion to just spend my $6 on these Color Tattoo! I decided to get two Color Tattoo is because you get $3 back if you spend $10 or more on Maybelline products. Not only that, but I got 25% coupon I sent from my email. Awesome deal isn`t it?! So here`s how everything went down.

<strong>I bought the following Color Tattoo:</strong>

1 Eye Studio Color Tattoo in <strong>#20 Painted Purple</strong> - $6.79
1 Eye Studio Color Tattoo in <strong>#50 Edgy Emerald</strong> - $6.79

<strong>---with my CVS ECBs - $6.00
---plus my 25% CVS coupon - $1.90</strong>

-- My subtotal came out to be <strong>$5.68</strong> plus tax <strong>.50 cents. </strong>

-- My total came out to be <strong>$6.18.</strong>

-- Subtracting my <strong>$3.00</strong> ECBs for my next purchase.

-- I only spent <strong>$3.16</strong> on both Color Tattoo!

-- I saved <strong>$7.90</strong>!!!
Isn`t that freaking awesome or what?

I bought Painted Purple for myself and Edgy Emerald for someone who loves the color Green. For some reason it doesn`t look Green to me...? Oh well! I knew she would love this so yeah! :] I do own Audacious Asphalt & Tough As Taupe. Now I can say I owned three of the Color Tattoo! :D

1. Which colors Tattoo do you like the best from all of their collection?
2. Which colors from the collection would you like to try?

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