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WOW... I stil cna`t believe that yesterday was my final day of school... And though I`m not officially graduated yet, I am graduated from high school.... YES! YES! YES!
OMG, I so can`t believe I`m going to university... the future is so close to me right now... OMG I`m going to university!!!!!
right now I`m so happy that all the crazynes is over... I`m so happy that this insane 12th grade has finally come to an end... FINALLY! I feel like I couldn`t have another week of classes... I think I would I don`t know... go insane? I`m so happy it has come to an end, thanks God I`m alive to see the end of school...

As for university, I will take law... I`m not sure if I want to be a lawyer but... that`s what my tsts told me to, and what everyone says I`ll be good at, and considering I have no idea what I ant to do when I grow up, all the ideas are accepted... I can always change my degree right?! ;)

What a freaking long year... the longest of them all... So many friends of my age, so many teachers that became friends... I never though I would say this but maybe I`m going to miss all of this, not the classes obviously, but being with them, my life here in this small peaceful village... I can`t believe I`m moving to the city :O not that I want to, but unforunatelly villages don`t have universities... It will be an all new world...

I don`t know what to expect from univesity... i want to learn a lot, I just hope i don`t get disappointed!

Exams are night next door, but I`m sure I will pass them the way I passed the rpevious ones ;)... then it`s SUMMER and swimming pool all afternoon, having fun with your friends and make memories :)!

I`m so glad it`s over!!!!!!!!!!!!

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