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4 years ago

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I have a confession to make. I love shopping for school supplies. School may have just ended, but my list is already started and I`m already on the look out for things before the mad rush that happens in the last few days before school starts, when you can`t find a single binder or glue stick of decent quality anywhere in store, begins. So, I present to you my school supplies list. I may do another posting showing how I organise my school bag and what I ended up purchasing. If you`re interested in that, make sure to comment below.

1. A large binder. I find this is the easy way to keep track of handouts and such. I don`t want to buy separate folders for each subject as I doubt my back could carry such weight, so a single folder will have to do.

2. Highlighters: I highlight everything! When it comes to reading a section in a book or handout, you`ll find me working away with my highlighters, selecting out important pieces of information. Highlighters are a must, it makes studying a whole lot easier.

3. A pencil case/pouch: This is more a common sense purchase. I`ll need something to hold my things like ruler, pencils, pens, markers, rulers, protractors, calculator and so on and so forth.

4.A large notebook: I find it`s very handy to draft out essays and such into a notebook a few times before doing it out good. Even if it`s only writing down small points, or perhaps even writing out a whole essay, it`ll make the world of difference.

5.A new bag. I`m unsure what style I want. Carrying tote bags aren`t common at my school so I`ll stick with a backpack or a messenger bag. If you have any good suggests please feel free to leave them below.

6. A planner. Although my school supplies us with planners, they will hold nothing more than my school schedule, so in order to not fall behind in other aspects of my life, a planner is a must. Hopefully a larger one with lots of writing space.

7. A memory pen/USB pen: Although I`m not an ICT/IT student, I still do alot of computer based work, such as writing up essays and researching topics. I suggest getting at least a four GB USB though if you want value for money a 16 would be good and it would also last you a number of years.

8. Hand sanitizer: I know this isn`t exactly a school supply. Though it`s a must for me. I`m somehow who really easily catches the flu and other sicknesses, so having hand sanitizer on me at all time is a must. Plus, who wants to get the back to school flu anyway? No one likes being sick, it just puts you behind and gives you even more work to do

9:Foreign language dictionary. If you`re like myself and are studying another language then a dictionary is extremely important. You never know when you`ll come across an unusual word either in an essay, during class or even at home.

There is obviously a lot more things that you should/can purchase for back to school but I think these are the most important to have. Pens, pencils and such are must haves as well.

What are your must have school supplies?

Do you have any suggestions on binders or bags?

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