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For about a year already, I have been using Schick`s "Intuition" razors, and I have never gone back to the regular disposable razors. This razor is the BEST razor I have ever used, because it`s so smooth, effective, and convenient all at the same time.

The Schick Intuition is a 4-blade razor, and when I heard about this, I was super eager to try this. I usually use the Venus razors, but Schick has always been the better option for me. One great thing about this razor, is that it comes with a cup holder to stick on the shower wall, which helps avoid messy accidents.

The best part of this razor? You don`t need shaving cream. Yep - that`s right. No shaving cream. This is why it`s SO great for travelling, because it takes so much less space! The razor is surrounded by a thick layer of lather, and so when you apply it to the skin, it goes on SO smooth and it smells great too!

The kind I usually get is the pink razor, which also has a pomegranate scent to it. There are other scents and designs. I`ve used mint before, and there are some other razors that have floral prints, etc...

As for the blade itself, it does a decent job. The only downer to this razor is that it doesn`t give as close of a shave like most other razors, but I still think it does a great job. It removes the unwanted hair and no extra moisturizing is required - awesome!

Even if you are already pretty happy and content with the razor you have, you should probably consider the Schick Intuition if you travel a lot. The "one step" shaving technique makes packing extra shave lotion unnecessary - thus giving you more space for packing and less clump.

Overall, I really like this razor and I don`t plan on switching brands because this has always done a perfect job!
Anyways, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. What razor do you use?
2. Have oyu tried Schick before?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)
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