ScentSationals Fragrance Review

4 years ago

Can you tell by all of my ScentSationals posts that I`m enraptured by them? I have this horrible urge to go to the store and just stock up on each and every scent they offer! Especially considering their great price, it is hard not to grab at least one each time you run into Walmart.

I`ll start off with the scent Twilight. I bought this one because I had picked up cupcake which is a sweet, baking cake kind of scent. I felt that I needed something that strayed away from that. I just want to have a nice rounded variety of scents to choose from.

Twilight, I find, is a bit hard to describe. It is a heady scent. It isn`t overwhelming, yet is pungent enough to make my entire downstairs smell fantastic. It is perfumey and somewhat...heavy, of a smell. I can detect some kind of fruit in it. I`d like to say berry, but I have a feeling that is wrong. They claim there is some citrus powder, but it isn`t very strong. I definitely pick up a bouquet scent to it. I think this could be a body wash fragrance. It is clean but not in an overly soapy way.

The next one is Baked Apple & Pastry. It DEFINITELY smells like a freshly baked apple pie. It smells like a tart apple pie, though, not sweet. It smells as though you were baking with green granny smith apples. I also smell cinnamon. The cinnamon is quite strong. I know this doesn`t claim to be a season-specific scent but something about the fresh tartness of the green apple scent, I expected less of the cinnamon. The cinnamon pushes it almost to a fall scent, for me. When I was burning this one it seemed as if the cinnamon became even more pronounced. I think I`ll be waiting to burn this one
again until fall.

Another recent scent is the Honeysuckle one. Currently, I have a cube in my warmer and in my plug in. It reminds me of the beginning of spring when the honey suckle bushes/trees start to come out. I love that scent and it is nice being able to experience it in my own home. It is definitely a floral scent (obviously), so if you aren`t a fan of floral this one wouldn`t be for you. It can be strong when it first melts down but calms as is burns longer.


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