Scary Silence Gun Revokes Your Right to Speak

5 years ago

***Pictures not my own!!****

This is a seriously worrying gun. Humans have always been fascinated with guns but this takes the fascination to a whole new really scary level. In Japan, scientist are working on a gun which when used against you would make it impossible for you to speak by delaying auditory feedback. We need feedback when speaking to be able to process our own words but what this gun would do is disrupt your brain by producing an echo which would confuse it and kind of short wire it. They say the gun could be used for the best of intentions like forcing someone to be quiet in a library but you know I`m sure they said guns would be used only against the really bad people in the world and look where we are. So if some government owned such a device, who would be a really bad person? Maybe a protestor? An opposing politician? The need to conquer our own bodies really scares me. Some things are better left alone!!

What do you guys think about this gun? Please voice your opinions while we still have a chance to.

***Pictures not my own!!****

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