SCARVES!!! : a collection

Hey guys so this is my miniature scarf collection. Some are at school, some are here in a huge bag in my closet, but these are the ones I wear the most, or just had in my drawer.
1. A black, warm infinity sacarf ( got it when i bought a jacket from macys) really awesome deal, it was a houndstooth jacket for about 10.00 well, more like a coat. Its lke, idk what type of fabric, like a pulled terry? idk. [basically free]
2. I haven`t worn this yet, but it is a square scarf, beautifull pattern including a rose pink, dark fuschia, black, brown, and ivory. I have no idea how to wear this because of its shape. any help? [free fr. my friend]
3. a really thin light pink scarf with grey floral & polka dot pattern. realy pretty, I haven`t worn this yet, because idk how to, like I have an outfit envisioned, but none of the pieces :/ [ $3, kind of an impulse buy fr. Claires]
4. White and Grey striped Pashmina perfect for spring from Fashion to Figure, it may be a plus size store, but they have really awesome accessories from jewelry, to handbags. I love this and have worn it many times. about 10 dollars.
:( i had a thick black one, but i lost it. 1st time: found it between my friends beds :/. 2nd time, i never found it awww. i think i lost it at the airport or on the way in the bus. grr... i loved that scarf
5. A leopard print whtite background, olive and grey spots, black accent scarf, from my mom, a lady at her workplace sells them for i believe 6 dollars? many colors, prints, and patterns
6. A spring/ summer floral print scarf [free]
7.Last but not least, another leopard print, purple speckled base, etc. from the same lady :)

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