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question 1# Scariest real life experience

none I can thank of

question 2# scariest paranormal experience

I have many but my scariest was when I was 10 I was playing with my toys and I got a cold chilling feeling I turned around and I saw a dark and creepy thing just staring at me.

question 3# Have you ever known anyone convicted of a violent crime

no thank god

question 4# Are you afraid of the dark yes or no

yes I terrified of the dark I feel like I am being watch lol weird

question 5# Dose your hometown have any scary stories or legends


question 6# Whats your favorite urban legend

slenderman It seems the most real and he is soooo creepy.

question 7# have you ever played a scary game

yes i once played midnight man with my friends so scary I almost died lol.

question 8# whats your favorite scary movie

The children l:

question 9# Dose your hometown have any haunted places

yes the Whaley house awesome place you should go.

question 10# Do you believe in the paranormal

YES I really do believe

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