Scarf: The Multi-Use Accessory

4 years ago

If you ask me to name one thing that is completely effortless but extremely stylish, I would say a SCARF. Yes, it is. I mean, you never have to worry about the color, the texture, the pattern. nothing. And you can always gel it with almost anything that you wear. That makes it effortless! Stylishbecause it IS stylish!

But its not just about wrapping it around your neck. You can add a twist to your whole get up by using them around your neck, waist, knee or even bag. And, thats what Im gonna discuss here.

Scarf around the neck/head: This is like ten a penny! Every other girl, be she in the store or at the mall, flaunts the scarf around her neck! Now this isnt it! There are like n ways to wrap it. Just check out some of the most common and trendy ones!

Muffler style: This one is quite common. Tie the scarf like a muffler around your neck and there you are!

Rosette Wrap: Wrapping a scarf into a rosette makes your look utterly sexy!

Head Wrap: Quite trendy, isnt it? Tyra Banks has surely brought a dramatic change in her look with just a single head wrap.

Head Band: Doesnt this remind you of the actresses of early 80s? Look how stylish Blake Lively looks here!

Scarf around knees/waist: This one is a little rugged for some of you. But if worn with aplomb, its no less than a fashion siren. Wear simple tee and jeans or shorts or a dress, and tie the scarf around your waist. It will simply add a dash of style to your personality.

Scarf around the bags: Its the chicest way to use the scarf! Nowadays you can find the bags coming with the scarves already tied around them. But, Ill prefer you to be a DIY chic here. Just get any vintage scarf and tie it around your bag, it will surely be an aberration from your usual style.

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